Admission Requirements

Identify your academic background from the options below and review the admission requirements for your intended program of study using the Program Finder.聽 In addition to meeting general university admission requirements, you may need to present specific subject prerequisites, or submit a personal profile or statement of interest.

We make provisional offers of admission to qualified applicants from all educational backgrounds. If you are currently enrolled in secondary school or in a post-secondary program, we will make a provisional admission decision based on your final results from last year and your midyear results in the current year.

If you are interested in applying to the Medical Radiation Sciences, Nursing, or Physician Assistant programs, visit聽Professional and Graduate Programs聽to find your admission requirements.

Canadian High School, University or College

Are your most recent studies at an Ontario or other Canadian high school? Find the admission requirements based on your province. Current high school applicants with strong mid-year results may be admitted on condition that they complete their academic year successfully.

Are your current or most recent studies at university or college in Canada? If you are currently in school you may be considered on the basis of your previous year’s results.

International High School, University or College

Are your current or most recent studies at a high school outside of Canada? Learn more about the admission requirements for your country.

If you are attending or have attended a recognized university or college outside of Canada, you will be considered for admission based on your post-secondary studies.

Mature Students

Our admission requirements are based on academic background, regardless of your age. To see if you meet our admission requirements, please check the appropriate level of education and your program of interest.

If you do not meet the published admission requirements you may become eligible for some programs through either the Academic Bridging Program or the Transitional Year Programme. Note that if you have previously been enrolled in degree studies, you are not eligible for these programs.

Non-Degree Students

Applying as a non-degree student is a great way to continue your education, whether it鈥檚 for personal interest, or to upgrade your university record to qualify for graduate school or a professional program.

Visiting Students

Are you an undergraduate student at another university who is interested in taking a particular course at the 香港六合开奖记录? Find out how!