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We鈥檙e offering a host of online information sessions & webcasts to help you get to know 香港六合开奖记录. Learn more about the application process, admission requirements, student life鈥攁nd learn how our 700+ programs in science, engineering, business, and the arts equip today鈥檚 students for the new economy. Join us online live or watch our sessions on your own schedule.


Prospective Student Webcasts

Join us for an informative webcast to learn more about the 香港六合开奖记录.

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Coming in September — we’re hosting informal webchats to answer any questions you may have about 香港六合开奖记录.

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Register for a student-to-student webchat for firsthand insight into life as a 香港六合开奖记录 undergrad.

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We’re hosting several online experiences to help acquaint you with our campuses.

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Our virtual meetings will resume in Late Fall. In the meantime, fill out this form to request information about the 香港六合开奖记录

Preparing for our webcasts

After registering for a webcast that works for you, we encourage you to do a bit of brainstorming and jot down a few questions that you鈥檇 welcome some guidance on. This will help us make the most of our time together. For example, maybe you鈥檙e wondering whether you鈥檙e on track to graduate with the right credits. Or maybe you鈥檙e not sure if 香港六合开奖记录 has the facilities, teams, and infrastructure to help you hone your soccer skills while you pursue your Music degree. What鈥檚 life like in residence? If you don鈥檛 get an entrance award, can you earn awards later on in your degree? When should you plan to take your English Language Proficiency test, and do you need to? Hang on to those thoughts. We鈥檒l discuss them together!