Student Awards

Student awards (scholarships and grants) are non-repayable monetary awards issued based on criteria such as merit, financial need, community engagement, leadership and athletic performance.

What is an Award, Grant, and Scholarship?

Award: An award can be a scholarship, fellowship, prize, grant or bursary.

Grant: A monetary award based primarily on financial need.  Sometimes 鈥済rant鈥 and 鈥渂ursary鈥 are used interchangeably, but 鈥済rant鈥 is the more common term used at 香港六合开奖记录.

Scholarship: A monetary award based on academic excellence alone or in combination with financial need.

Thousands of non-repayable awards worth more than $100 million are available annually, based on merit, financial need, or a combination of both. 

Admission Awards

Admission awards are for newly admitted students entering the 香港六合开奖记录 in year one of their undergraduate studies. Students are automatically considered for a variety of admission awards when they apply to 香港六合开奖记录. There are also admission awards that require students to complete a separate application or awards profile.

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Awards Profile

The Awards Profile makes it possible for 香港六合开奖记录 applicants in Canada to be considered for admission awards based on financial need, academic merit, leadership, and other criteria.聽聽

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Award 香港六合开奖记录r

The Award 香港六合开奖记录r is a centralized, searchable database of thousands of awards from admissions to in-course and graduating awards. The database hold awards that are funded by the academic divisions, colleges, as well as awards that are centrally funded by the university as a whole. This tool can help you explore the diverse funding opportunities available to you. Most of our scholarships are awarded to multiple recipients. You can apply for as many awards as you like, and most awards can be combined with each other.聽